Both AP and EK fraction Sunnis are About to Unite in the State of Kerala, India

There has been a kind of strange attitude between both Sunni fractions since it has been devided into two groups in the year 1989 such as EK Sunni and AP Sunni. However, now both Sunni fractions are about to get united and the discussions are going on between both scholars.

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Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliar, General Secretary, AP Fraction Samastha

The Sunni organisation known as ‘Samantha Kerala Jam-iyyathul-Ulama’, also known as ‘Mushavara’ was formed in the year 1926.

What in fact made Sunni Scholars to think of forming a new organisation is the forming of an organisation by a group of liberal Muslims who oppose the traditional ideology of the Sufi Islam. Thus, in the year 1924, this group of liberal people formed an organisation and started to attack the traditional Sufi Islamic thoughts with the idea of Arabian liberals, Ibnu Abdul Wahab and Ibnu Thaimiyya. In such a situation, traditional Sufi Scholars of Kerala gathered and discussed of forming an organisation to exhibit the real teachings of Sufi Islam.
It was one of the main aims of forming such an organisation.

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Jifri Muthu Koya Thangal, President, EK Fraction Samastha

Decades later Samastha Kerala Jam-iyyathul-Ulama’ was devided into two groups because of some unfortunate reasons. Eventhough it has brought some debates among the people of two groups, some people argue that the devision has brought about many developments as well in the field education, especially it has made a tremendous upliftment of Sunni Muslims in India, especially in the state of Kerala by establishing a number of institutions and charity organisations.

Today, in Kerala, there are thousands of Madrasas under both Sunni fractions. Apart from those Madrasas, there are hundreds of Da’wa Colleges that teach integrated Islamic knowledge and material knowledge. From these institutes, each year hundreds of Islamic scholars complete their graduation and go for pursuing higher education in different reputed universities and institutes in India and abroad. There are students who completed studies from these institutes pursue higher education in the University of Cambridge and other world renowned universities. In India, Indian Institute of Management Kolkata, University of Hyderabad, Jawaharlal Nehru University, University of Delhi are the prestigious campuses where they pursue their doctoral studies.

However, as a part of this unity discussion, both the scholars requested their people not to make any clash and collaborate with the decisions of Sunni Scholars. In fact, it will surely bring many more developments in the society if both EK fraction Sunnis and AP fraction Sunnis got united. Now both groups of people are eagerly waiting to see such a unity that was devided in the year 1989.


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