Learn English Easily


By Muhammad Rashid PK

Nowadays English language has an importance in our day to day life. It has become world language, because English is being spoken by crores of people all over the world. It is a lingua-franca (linking language or connecting language). That is to say, English is now being used as a common language when two different people coming from different regions or ethnicity in which their mother tongues are different. In such case, people use English as lingua-franca to communicate each other.

Before all, we have to keep in mind that English is a very simple language in the world. If we just understand some basic rules it’s learning becomes very interesting . In fact, most of the people who haven’t learned English yet think that this language is not our cup of tea. So that they are not able to show interest to learn even when they want to learn for various purposes. Thus, they fail to get good jobs. We can never deny the fact that the people who are masters in English get preferences in every field, in the same time those who don’t know English are being neglected.

However, now people used to learn English in different ways. Some people learn it by listening to English speeches and so on, some of other people learn it in a traditional way of teaching, i.e. by learning grammar and so on. Apart from that some people learn by speaking to native people. Interestingly, when we come back to our mother tongue we get to know that we learn mother tongue without learning any grammar. Likewise, how the native English people learn English? Ofcourse, they also don’t go for such boring grammars. Instead they learn by speaking each other just like we non-native speakers learn our mother tongue. However, we have to think of native people that when a child takes birth in an English family he gets the chance to listen English as we all get to listen our mother tongue, so that they simply learn.


When we take another instance we get to see that the children of non-native speakers growing in a native English countries such as Britain, United States and Australia catch English simply and accurately with it’s exact pronounciation. What do you think of it’s secret? It’s nothing but they get the chance to mingle with native people and they happened to be among the people who used to speak English. Thus, at the beginning they listen to those people and finally they also start to imitate those sounds.

What do you think of the children who grow in a non-native English speaking country like India, why don’t they speak English just like the Indian children who settled in native countries? Because, children grow in India don’t get that exposure to listen and speak English. So that what we have to do here is creating such an environment and follow that. How can we create such an environment? Now it’s very simple that nowadays people get access to cell phones and internet. There are a number of English language lessons are available at YouTube. Do listen those lessons and imitate. At the beginning we may not able to catch those lessons and sounds, by the time we get to grasp whatever the lessons they give. Apart from that now we can access to a number English language teaching websites where they explain all the teqniques to develop English language learning. You can follow those teqniques as well and learn without depending others.






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