Doesn’t Smoking Cause Disease?

By Muhammad Rashid PK


It is inevitable to understand the consequences of smoking, whether it is helpful or harmful for our body or does it cause any disease? If it brings disease, what kind of disease and to which parts of body it gets affected? Research has found that constant smoking causes lung cancer. Even though people aware of this fact, they are not ready to quit smoking. Even the producers themselves put it’s caution on the cigarette packets. Still it’s sale goes up and it’s users are being increased day by day. In fact, chemicals in the smoke enter our blood stream and causes various diseases. In reality, even the people standing beside the smokers also get affected by it’s smoke. We can never deny the fact that the more cigarettes we use the bigger chance of cancer it brings.

It would be very difficult to quit smoking in a single day. It will take time for those who addicted to smoking. In such a case, they can reduce the number of cigarettes they use in a day, thus they could quit smoking completely. Apart from that it is very important to those who haven’t addicted yet to keep away from smoking even just for accompanying with friends and so on. Because if we happened to addict to smoking it would be difficult to quit easily, quitting won’t be as simple as we addicted to smoking.


However, it is also very important to keep in mind that it’s consequences affect not only the person who do smoke, but also it affects to the children whom about to take birth for them. If you are a constant smoker, it is the time to quit from smoking in order to keep your body and your children’s body healthy. Because, the elements in the cigarette kill your lungs and other parts of body. It doesn’t matter what is your age, whether youngster or older or your present health condition better or not. Smoking in fact slowly attack the healthier parts of our body and finally different diseases get affected to certain parts.

It could be seen that nowadays youngsters are more closer to smoking. In reality, tobacco using slowly leads to using liquor and so on. In fact, these all cause to different health issues. However, smoking causes for memory loss and other health disorder. It’s affection may not be as soon as using tobacco, but it causes for various health troubles. That’s why health organisations instruct people to avoid using cigarettes and so on.



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